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The "reward" is a number of dollars, euros or any other currency you choose in settings that you want to send to your colleagues for a good job during the month.
You may send bonuses to as many people as you wish, just make sure that the monthly limit allows it.
Nothing. Your monthly available bonus allowance expires, but you will get another one next month.
No. You may send bonuses to your team members only.
The bonuses are applied on the last Friday of each month. You will get reminders prior to it.
We will remind you to send bonuses in frequencies of 5 days, 1 day and one hour before they are applied.
The reward limit solely depends on your team managers. By default you may send no more than $70 to your colleagues per month. The currency and amount can be changed in the company management screen.
Members with the "Superpower" role may have a higher monthly allowance which they can send out to other members.
You may send the crowdbonus at any time during the month. Just make sure you send it before the bonuses are applied!
You will be able to see the reason and the amount which you will have received, however, the senders will remain anonymous. There is also a company board where you may view the bonuses of your teammates!
Yes. Let your colleagues know why exactly they deserve the bonus!
The team managers may remove members from the team in the member management screen. All historical data will be kept but the dismissed member will not be able to access your team anymore.
The billing plan is adjusted automatically when your team grows or drops in size. You will never have to worry about manual switching!

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